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  • is designed especially for regeneration of the labour force by means of cultural and sports events, 
  • employees are welcome to relax according to their own liking in a wide network of sports and relaxation facilities within the whole territory of Slovakia. 

With the CADHOC - a relax coupon you will be able

  • to provide both active and passive regeneration of your employees,
  • to STIMULATE your employees to better working performance,
  • to REWARD personal contribution of your employees, work results, innovative solutions.

Nominal value and imprint

  • standard: 2 €, 5 €, 10 €, 20 €,
  • if requested we can produce coupons in any nominal value from 2 € to maximum of 30 €, rounded off to the whole € (e.g. 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 20 €...),
  • if it is a client´s wish we will pack several nominal values and various numbers of coupons into one cheque book,
  • we provide relaxation coupons in personalized form, i.e. printed with your logo, name of the company and/or the employee, dedication or other text and sectionalize them according to your organizational structure.

Gift package

If requested we will pack coupons in a presentation gift box or envelopes (for more information call our Call Centre on 02/ 32 55 35 45).

Coupon validity

You can see the currently valid coupons here.

Contracted facilities

CADHOC - Relaxation Coupons are accepted by selected contracted facilities within the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. The list of facilities is available for every user of CADHOC - Relaxation coupons.

The product network includes facilities providing cultural and sport activities, health ... and many other interesting activities. The network is marked with a label with the logo CADHOC LE CHEQUE DEJENUER.

Upon the customer’s request we can extend the network to a specific facility.


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