Informations for facilities/partners

The reimbursement of damaged dining coupons

We confirm to our business partners that we also reimburse the coupons with damaged hologram - the metallic stripe on the left side of the coupon.

The damage can be caused while tearing the coupon out of the checkbook. For a coupon to be reimbursed it is important that the bar code number situated on the bottom part of the coupon stays intact and that there are all the others security features, as published in our Newsletter 09/ 2015 on page 3.

Information for partners

The company LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o. is trying to reach out to all the requirements and proposals of our business partners, therefore our Facilities care department (restaurants, buffets, shops, fast foods...) is at your disposal.

Infoline: 02/ 32 55 35 33

Forms and General Terms and Conditions are available for download at this link.

The Reimbursement department

Provides you with all the information regarding reimbursement of coupons on the phone number 02/ 32 55 35 33 and on the e-mail address:, where you can turn if you are searching for an ideal way to solve the transport of accepted dining coupons prepared for reimbursement from your facilities towards the headquarters of our company.

Coupon handover for reimbursement

Sent coupons must be devalued by a stamp (e.g. through the nominal value), arranged in one direction, protected against mixing (preferably fixed with an elastic band), with disclosed filled checklist form.

1. Personally
Providers of contracted facilities can bring us accepted coupons for reimbursement to the registered seat of the company at Tomášikova 23/D in Bratislava from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 16:00, and on Friday from 08:00 to 12:00.  At the entrance to the headquarters of the company select a service you request from us from the menu on the infopanel. Prepare the checklist or the stamp for "Confirmation on handover of coupons".

2. Insured courier service
Insert the coupons together with the checklist into a safety plastic envelope and send it to the registered seat address of the company: Tomášikova 23/D, 821 01 Bratislava.

3. Via post as a valuable
Insert the coupons together with the checklist into a safety plastic envelope and send it to the correspondence address of the company: P. O. Box 109, 820 05 Bratislava 25.

Important notice:
1. Coupons delivered by a courier service or post are accepted only when packed in a safety plastic envelope.
2. Coupons delivered without a checklist will be excluded from the processing and will be included into processing only after the delivery of the checklist. 

For quick and timely processing of your coupons it is necessary to follow the following instructions:


  1. Enter the nominal values of coupons into the first column aligned to the right edge.
  2. Enter the number of coupons into the second column aligned to the right edge.
  3. Enter the total multiplication of the nominal value and the number of pieces into the third column, aligned to the right edge.
  4. Calculate the total number of pieces and total value of coupons and enter it into the last row.
  5. Fill in the contact person and the phone number of the person responsible for checklist filling.
  6. Leave the empty fields before the filled in values and unfilled rows empty.
  7. Program for checklist creation.

Coupon validity

Coupons issued by the company LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o. must be delivered (not sent) into the registered seat of the company for reimbursement no later than on 31st January of the calendar year following the calendar year in which their validity expired. We recommend you do not accept coupons from customers after the expiration date marked on the coupon, which will create a sufficient time reserve to send the coupons to our company in time.

Electronic invoice

The company LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o. provides its contracting partners the option of sending the final invoice electronically. Invoices can be sent in pdf format and also in xml format in case of interest for automatic processing. The advantage is sending the invoices to several e-mail addresses and immediate automated sending of invoices after being generated. In case you decide to send invoices electronically, no invoices will be sent to you subsequently via post.

Changes in details of the contracting partner

If any change occurs in the details of the contracting partner, it is necessary to inform us about it in writing on a separate form signed by the person authorized to act on behalf of the company, which shall become a part of the contract documents after its delivery. Changes in contract details of the partner stated on the checklist forms, or delivered without the signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the company, will not be accepted.

Change of the bank account number on which the coupons are reimbursed must be executed by an amendment to the agreement, which shall be signed by the person authorized to act on behalf of the company or by a letter signed by the person authorized to act on behalf of the company. The signature on such letter must be certified by a notary.


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