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  1. The invoice on reimbursement will be sent to several e-mail addresses.
  2. Part of the invoice is the XML file which can be directly imported into the accounting software.
  3. In case of several payments on the same account we will inform you by an e-mail containing information on the numbers of invoices, codes of facilities, paid amounts and special symbols. 
  4. You can hand over coupons in person directly at the registered seat of the company at Tomášiková street 23/D, Mon. - Thu from 8.00 to 16.00 and on Friday from 8.00 to 12.00.
  5. You do not need to handover coupons only with us, but also in the facilities of METRO and thus get a credit for shopping.
  6. We will also reimburse coupons in cash (it is necessary to report this a day before when the amount is over 330 €).
  7. The checklist program is available for download. You no longer need to laboriously fill in and calculate anything .
  8. We guarantee the reimbursement of coupons on the 7th working day.
  9. There is the possibility of an express (up to 3 days) and Super- express reimbursement of coupons (up to 24 hours). You will find more information in the General Terms and Conditions and on the phone number 02/ 32 55 35 33.
  10. If you are not yet cooperating cooperate with us, we will conclude a contract with you while you wait.
  11. One checklist is sufficient for reimbursement of several types of our coupons.
  12. We will advertise your company on our website for free.
  13. With our application COUPON CHECK you can check the validity of coupons quickly and conveniently during receipt.


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