Zlavadna.sk accepts gift coupons CADHOC


LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER s.r.o.  in cooperation with Zlavadna.sk brings you the possibility to use gift coupons you get as a benefit at work to purchase discounts. Choose out of hundreds of discounts on portal zlavadna.sk and pay with gift coupons CADHOC at the kiosk. Or send them your vouchers which will be exchanged for credit on ZlavaDna.sk. You can use it without time limitations.

Currently Zľava dňa accepts the Gift coupon CADHOC:


Gift coupon CADHOC 2015 and 2016

Gift coupon CADHOC 2015

How to use gift vouchers for payment on Zlavadna.sk
Gift coupons Cadhoc may be used in the following ways:

1. direct payment for coupon at the kiosk of Zlavadna.sk
You can pay with gift coupons Cadhoc directly at the kiosk of Zľava dňa in the commercial centre Avion. Or simply choose your discount on the web and tell them at the kiosk what have you chosen. They will make the order for you at the kiosk, for which you will pay with gift coupons Cadhoc

2. Exchange gift vouchers for credit at ZlavaDna.sk
Send the gift vouchers to Zľava dňa and they will exchange it for credit at ZlavaDna.sk. The credit on ZlavaDna.sk does not have time limitations.  More information at the kiosk of Zľava dňa in Avion. You can send vouchers also via http://www.zasielkovna.sk/kde-nas-najdete. Fill the accompanying form 2x (twice). Bring the filled in form and gift vouchers Cadhoc in an unsealed envelope to the submission office of Zásielkovňa.sk. You do not need to state any address on the envelope. A worker of Zásielkovňa will approve the filled in form and return 1 copy to you. You will pay a fee EUR 1.50 including VAT for sending vouchers via the Zasielkovna.sk service. Submitted vouchers will be processed within 7 working days and the amount will be credited on ZlavaDna.sk. You will be notified on ual credit on your account after crediting the amount.


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