Winners of competitions


Winners of competitions

Self-employers order and win


Self-employers, you can order Cheque Dejeuner dining coupons for thefollowing calendar year from 10th December 2014 and thus be included in four draws awarding valuable prizes. accepts gift coupons CADHOC


LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o. in cooperation with brings you the possibility to use gift coupons you get as a benefit at work to purchase discounts.

Raise the nominal value and win Cadhoc gift coupons!


Raise the nominal value of the dining coupons of your employees by 20 cents/pc and win!

Make the additional order of coupons after increasing the nominal value easier


Have you ordered coupons in advance for a longer period of time? We have some advice for you on how to make the additional order after increasing the nominal value easier.

Change of meal allowance amount from 31st October 2014


Based on the Measure of MLSAF from 24th October regarding amounts of meal allowance, the amount of meal allowance increases for time zone 5 -12 hours to EUR 4.20 with effect from 31st October 2014.

LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER s.r.o. opens a branch in Košice


On 24th January 2014 we opened a new branch for you in Košice at Vojvodská 10.


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