METRO - collection point of dining coupons

A collection point of Chèque Déjeuner  dining coupons

Since 1st May 2009 all our business partners, who provide the clients of LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o. an option to pay with coupons Chèque Déjeuner, are able to use a new service. In all stores of the company Metro you can hand over the accepted coupons for reimbursement and thus save your time, mailing costs and at the same time make shopping in Metro easier.

Simply, if you hand over valid coupons Chèque Déjeuner together with a pre-printed checklist form Chèque Déjeuner at the Service counter, sign the handover protocol then Metro will deliver your shipment to us for processing at their own expense. After no more than 7 working days from receiving the coupons in LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER, s.r.o., this amount can be used for purchasing goods and services in any store of the company METRO.


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