• is a voucher serving to ensure comprehensive medical care for employees that contributes towards maintaining their good healthy condition while effectively motivating them at the same time,
  • valid in a wide network of facilities which allows employees to choose the most appropriate health care for themselves.

Benefits of Chèque Mèdical - medical coupon

Benefits for the employer

  • decreasing disability to work (by way of prevention),
  • increasing performance,
  • increasing the motivation and loyalty of employees to their company,
  • minimizing administration.

Benefits for the employee

  • a wide choice of medical facilities: health centres, therapeutic and rehabilitating centres, spas, pharmacies, opticians, etc.,
  • increasing the level of health care,
  • free choice of a medical facility or procedures,
  • free choice of medical requisites and nutritional supplements.

Nominal value, imprint and coupon package

If requested we can produce coupons in any nominal value from 2 € to maximum of 30 €, rounded off to the whole € (e.g. 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 20 €...).

We provide medical coupons in personalized form, i.e. printed with your logo, name of the company and/or the employee, dedication or other text and sectionalize them according to your organizational structure. 

If it is the client´s wish, we will pack several nominal values and various numbers of coupons into one cheque book.

Gift package

If requested we will pack coupons in a presentation gift box or envelopes (for more information call our Call Centre on 02/ 32 55 35 45).

Coupon validity

You can see the actual valid coupons here.

Order, notification and coupon delivery

We will deliver the coupons in the required nominal value and numbers to the address you specify in the order directly to the person authorized for their acquisition; you can order the vouchers via web, e-mail, your own on-line account in the customer zone on this web, fax, post, by phone or personally.

We will notify you by e-mail that the ordered coupons have been produced and sent, i.e. ready for personal receipt.

We will deliver the coupons to you either as a valuable letter, by courier or as cash-on-delivery; all the deliveries are insured against damage or loss.


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