• is a universal voucher providing the realization of social policy within an organization and the realization of business policy and marketing activities.
  • this coupon is a gift everyone can choose for themselves, thus enhancing the personal bond of the beneficiary to the donor. Inspire yourself with a variable network of contracted facilities and give a gift according to the ideas of the recipient.

With CADHOC - a gift coupon you will be able 

  • to provide both active and passive regeneration of your employees,
  • to STIMULATE your employees to better working performances and your clients to recurring purchases, etc.,
  • to REWARD personal contribution of your employees, work results, innovative solutions,
  • to STRENGHTEN relationships with your clients.

Why use CADHOC - the gift coupon?

  • it gives the beneficiary freedom of choice of place, time, and means of use,
  • it is not the kind of gift which would sit at the bottom of a closet like an unused entrance ticket to a swimming pool or fitness centre – it is a gift which perfectly addresses the wish of the beneficiary (as the beneficiary makes the choice themselves),
  • it respects one’s own individuality while supporting collegiality at the same time,
  • easy administration,
  • broad possibilities of use. 

Nominal value, imprint and package

  • standard: 2 €, 5 €, 10 €, 20 €,
  • if requested we can produce coupons in any nominal value from 2 € to maximum of 30 €, rounded off to the whole € (e.g. 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 20 €...),
  • coupons are packed in books with a gift design,
  • if it is a client´s wish we will pack several nominal values and various numbers of coupons into one cheque book.
  • we can provide gift coupons in personalized form, i.e. printed with your logo, name of the company and/or the employee, dedication or other text and sectionalize them according to your organizational structure.

Gift package

If requested we will pack coupons in a presentation gift box or envelopes (for more information call our Call Centre on 02/ 32 55 35 45).

Coupon validity

You can see the currently valid coupons here.

Contracted facilities

Acceptance sites of the product consist of facilities allowing cultural and sport activities, gift buying, travel, beauty, health, media, children´s world, education and many other interesting activities. The network is marked by a label with the logo CADHOC LE CHEQUE DEJENUER.

Upon the customer’s request we can extend the network to a specific facility.

Order, notification and coupon delivery

We will deliver the coupons in the required nominal value and numbers to the address you specify in the order directly to the person authorized for their acquisition; you can order the vouchers via web, e-mail, your own on-line account in the customer zone on this web, fax, post, by phone or personally.

We will notify you by e-mail that the ordered coupons have been produced and sent, i.e. ready for personal receipt.

We will deliver the coupons to you either as a valuable letter, by courier or as cash-on-delivery; all the deliveries are insured against damage or loss.


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