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Electronic meal voucher

  • Chip card, valid for 3 years, allows contactless and contact payments,
  • only for buying food,
  • the lowest possible sum corresponds to the provision of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family related to meal allowances,
  • the card is issued with the employee´s name and delivered to the employer or directly to the employee,
  • on first order the employer selects level of customization: logo printed in colour, name,
  • the employer places a new order for electronic meal vouchers to be credited to employee accounts.


Easy operation

  • A single order for all cards with 3-years validity,
  • contactless payment for payment below EUR 50,
  • contact payment by entering a PIN code,
  • on-line management your users and orders,
  • on-line request for a credit note.


Cost-effective solution

  • Distribution time savings, 
  • Reduction of distributions costs - the credits are delivered on-line.



Secure system

  • Secure medium: delivery of cards, daily use, temporary deactivation and definitely blocking - all elektronically protected and monitored, checking payments 24/ 7,
  • secure online: all information related to payments and client zone are protected. 


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