• dining voucher - meal ticket, gastroticket, which offers a quick and effective way to solve the legal requirement of an employer to provide catering for his employees (§152 of Labour code) to improve the social environment at the workplace through financial and tax benefits,
  • accepted in the broadest network of catering facilities: more than 18,000 restaurants, canteens, delicatessens, buffets, grocery stores, etc.,
  • can be marked with the name of the company and/or the employee or other label according to customer requirements.

Financial and tax benefits

Benefits for the employer

In accordance with Act No. 311/2001 Coll. as amended, Act No. 595/2003 Coll., and additional legal norms, the dining coupon Chèque Déjeuner has the following financial and tax benefits for the employer:

  • 55% of the nominal value of the dining coupon represents an acceptable cost for the employer in terms of taxes (however, no more than 55% of the catering contribution offered for a business trip lasting between 5 to 12 hours);
  • the optimal nominal value of the dining coupon is set at 5.10 €,
  • the dining coupon Chèque Déjeuner is not a payment instrument,
  • it is free of VAT.

In addition to financial and tax benefits, the dining coupon contributes to the improvement of a social environment at the workplace and the increase of the living standard of employees.  The Chèque Déjeuner dining coupons bring new possibilities, they revive and improve working relationships.

Benefits for the employee

Catering in the form of dining coupons most adequately fulfils the needs and expectations of all employees and, at the same time, it enables them to acquire tax allowance according to the valid legislation:

  • at least 55% of the nominal value of the dining coupon is paid by the employer,
  • the catering contribution of the employer in the form of dining coupons is free of income tax from dependent activity,
  • if agreed in the collective agreement or with employee representatives, the employee may be able to obtain dining coupons also during a holiday or an excused work absence (sick leave, family member care).

Nominal value and the "made-to-measure" cover

We provide dining coupons in any nominal value, which enables the employer to respond immediately to legislative changes, financial situation or inter-company development.

A recent measure of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family with effect from 1st July 2019 established the optimal value of one voucher at 5.10 € a day (a minimum value is set on 75% of this value, i.e. 3.83 €).

We provide dining coupons in personalized form, i.e. printed with your logo, name of the company and/or the employee, dedication or other text and sectionalize them according to your organizational structure.

Practical covers

A convenient packaging of vouchers into covers (cheque books or envelopes) allows an easy and effective control of numbers of coupons and their value.

If it is the client´s wish, we will pack several nominal values and various numbers of coupons into one cover.

We also publish various discounts and user information in covers.

Order, notification and coupon delivery

We will deliver the coupons in the required nominal value and numbers to the address you specify in the order directly to the person authorized for their acquisition; you can order the vouchers via web, e-mail, your own on-line account in the customer zone on this web, fax, post, by phone or personally.

We will notify you by e-mail that the ordered coupons have been produced and sent, i.e. ready for a personal receipt.

We will deliver the coupons to you either as a valuable letter, by courier or as cash-on-delivery; all the deliveries are insured against damage or loss.

You can see the currently valid coupons here.

Information for self-employers

Information for self-employers

Self-employers can take their meals very conveniently by way of Chèque Déjeuner dining coupons (meal tickets, gastrotickets) and claim the whole 100% of the value of dining coupons, i.e. 4.50 € per 1 working day, into their costs according to Act No. 688/2006 Coll. which changes and amends Act No. 595/2003 Coll. on income tax in wording of later regulations and on changes and additions to some acts.

By way of a provision of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, the optimal value of dining coupons is determined at 4.80 €. It is assumed that the nominal value EUR 4.80 per 1 working day will be retained in year 2019.

We offer self-employers, who collect our dining coupons, the lowest administration fee: only 4.30 € /an order (excl. VAT). This price applies when ordering dining coupons for any selected time period: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Order dining coupons and participate in competitions. You can find more information about current competitions at www.obedujtezadarmo.sk


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